• Sulene Fleming

Soul Explosion concert at the 02

Sulene backing with Gina Foster for Deneice Williams

We all loved being involved in backing the great soul explosion artists, a fun rehearsal then the show at the Indigo 02. First up was Randy Brown who's melting voice and romantic lyrics made some of the women swoon I'm sure.

Barbara Mason was a complete joy! Funny & full of fire, inviting a strapping guy onto the stage whilst she said 'take it off' he proceeded to take his shirt off and was bare! one of the many highlights of the show for sure.

The Valetine Brothers sang their classic songs when 'Lonely Nights' hit the lyrics could be heard from the crowd chanting.

Last up was Deneice Williams the songbird with attitude, beautiful elevating voice that soared through the venue.

As well as being legends they were all a joy to work with such nice people.

Absolute pleasure to be apart of it as well as sharing the stage with your mates who are so very talented.

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