• Sulene Fleming

Granada at La Casa Estudios

An incredible journey! I married my partner in life and music Francis Hylton on the 4th of August. We then set off to Granada Spain to meet up with The Monks Road Social Collective.

When we arrived, the studio setting was breath taking, mountains and valleys for miles and the golden sun lighting up the land which is set in Albuñuelas.

La Casa Estudios has been the home for artists such as The Orb, The Verve, Paul McCartney & Pink Floyd.

There are many musicians involved in the project, and new people were arriving each day to join the creativity for the third Monks Road Social Album.

The food was amazing and a company of friends reaching out and sharing kindness, love and the joy of creating music.

The studio sessions were fun and relaxed, all produced by the super talented Dr Robert of The Blow Monkeys and engineered by Ivan Moreno.

Many talented artists all collaborating together. Matt Deighton, Ernie McKone, Mick Talbot and Crispin Taylor ( The Mother Earth Crew ) Stone Foundation and on and on. Dr Who even dropped by to say hello...

Its the second Monks Road Social album which I have been involved in and I'm thankful for the journey. Its such a pleasure to have such talented and like minded people around doing what we do best.

All made possible by Richard Clarke at Monks Road Records and Wonderfulsound.

No ego's just happy faces and great music.

An unforgettable experience which made it possible to have our mini moon afterwards in Granada. Awesome timing! XxX

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