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Aint No Body- Nick Gilmore

Updated: May 12, 2020

I was approached by a friend of mine Nick Gilmore to sing on his forthcoming album, It's still in the making.

It features original compositions and a cover of the mighty Chaka Khan which I covered, It's one of my favourite songs to sing live and it was great to perform on Nicks great rendition.

I also sang and arranged the backing vocals on the beautiful song Rosanna.

Some of the other artists involved who recorded on the first 3 tracks from the album are Dre Day, Heidi Vogel, Michael Bailey,Harry Greene,Richard Bailey, Nick Cohen,Ashton Jones,Angus Moncrieff,Jacob Cooper, and Robert Straussat at Wax Recording studios.

He truly is a talented songwriter and Piano player. Check him out!

Click the link to hear his fab talent so far x

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