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Germany Tour

I had an absolute blast of two weeks on tour with my pals on the Stevie Wonder Story.

We went to various cities across Germany and each place was super fun.

Beautiful cities, good people, good food which we had everyday provided by Antonio the touring chef genius! Great crowds and venues! Big thanks to all the crew who looked after us throughout!

We had Xantone Blacq on the first week and then Gavin Holligan who will finish off the rest of the tour.

They were both great at singing Stevie and are also cool artists in their own right.

I met my partner in time OURAA who is an up and coming talent, such a sweet voice and person. One to watch out for!

Good luck to them as they continue the tour up to the 24th of December.

Archie on Bass, Lily on Perc , OURAA vox, Thomas on guitar ,Frank on sax , Dave on trumpet, Gavin vocals and Guillaum on drums.

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