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Super two shows!

We had two fab shows at Aylesbury Water side theatre and Dorking Halls last week with the Chaka The Show.

We had a third gig scheduled at Cheltenham Town Hall also but sadly I had caught some kind of mad bug and I couldn't perform, this has been a rarity for me in my career so far that I have had to have to cancel a show.

The two shows we did have were fantastic and the crowds were exceptional! So thanks to everyone who came to watch the show celebrating the one and only Chaka Khan.

Here are some photos taken on professional photographers IPHONE! Kevin Potter had decided not to bring his actual pro camera, amazing what he captured!

You can follow us on instagram facebook and our site is

We are performing through out the year!

I hope you can catch one of the shows.

Check out Kevin Potter - Photographer Potters Instinct Photography. You can find him more of his work!


An intimate moment

Sofia and Nicky

Rich Jevons, Mark Walker, Richard Hammond, Nick Williams,Nicky Prince, Sofia Jones and Jon Hibbard

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