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We did it!

Updated: Feb 18

Hi good people!

So, It has been mini whirl wind since we kicked off proceedings for the new show Chaka 'The Music Of Chaka Khan.

With rehearsals, recording and building up the show and we did it!

With the first two shows under our belt we are all excited for the rest of the tour.

We had two fabulous crowds and If you are reading this you were awesome and thank you for making us feel so very welcome!

The shows were in New Brighton and York, it was a pleasure bringing our new show to these venues and to all who attended.

Buzzing and such fun!

Here’s a few pics backstage and videos of Chaka ‘The music of Chaka khan’ please help to spread the word and leave a good review, hopefully we will see you soon!


Tracks: Tell Me Something good and I Feel For You.

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